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Switching from Android to iPhone?

Switching from iPhone to Android?

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Your mobile subscriptions are paid for in advance and invoices are based on a set monthly bill date - usually 1st of every month. On a connection's first invoice, or first invoice after a tariff change, there will often be some pro rata billing.

Example - First invoice since connection

This is when the additional line rental cost that hadn't been charged in advance is added to the first full month's line rental cost. For example, if your monthly line rental is £10.00pcm and your subscription is connected on the 15th of the month, you will receive a bill on the 1st of the following month covering all of that month, plus the unpaid 15 days' line rental from the previous month. Making the bill total £15.00

Example - First invoice after tariff/bolt-on amend 

This is when the system has to balance the total cost of line rental after a mid-month change in monthly invoice value. For example, if the monthly line rental is £10.00pcm, and you amend a tariff to £15.00pcm on the 15th of the month, the system initially recognises that it has overcharged you for the £10.00 tariff, so it will credit £5.00 back. It will then invoice the new cost for the remainder of that month (£7.50), plus the following month in advance as standard. The bill on the 1st of the following month, after the amend, will show in the summary a line rental cost of £22.50 with a credit for the £5.00 owed, meaning that month's total line rental cost was £17.50.

What is 'pro rata' bundle allowance?

Although Like pro rata billing, pro rata bundle allowance also occurs in the first month after initial connection and/or during the month of any amendment.

Example - Data bolt-on applied 

When we quote a price for any bolt-on, that package is based on the bolt-on being applied during the whole billing period of any given month. However, if you apply a bolt-on part way through a month, you will only receive part of the allowance (as you will only be billed part of the cost). If you apply a standard 5G bolt-on against a subscription on the 15th of the month, and your bill date falls on the 1st, you will only receive half the allowance for the remainder of that month. In addition, if you replace an existing bundle, i.e. swap a 5GB bolt-on for a 10GB bolt-on under the same circumstances, both bundle allowances will be prorated, meaning in this instance the user would only be entitled to approximately 2.5GB for the first 15 days and then 5GB for the rest of the month. Any usage prior to the 15th would be re-rated and additional costs may occur. To avoid this, please use data top-ups as these do not pro-rate if applied mid-month.

30-day minium rule for bolt-ons

To avoid confusion and potential bill shock. DWS implement a 30-day minimum application policy for bolt-ons. This ensures any pro rata bundle allowance is maximised by remaining against that for at least one bill run.  

We like to ensure all of our processes remain simple, yet safe and in line with industry best practice. The main purpose of this is to avoid unnecessary billing errors, credits or disputes. We ask that all of our partners request any cost changing amendments in writing, which also helps provide security for the partner. 

What is a 'buyout' and why must I pay this?

All active subscriptions will have set minimum connection term, whether it is 30 days or 24 months, which is based on the terms of your agreement. As such you would be liable to cover the cost of the line for the whole of that term. In the event you wish to disconnect or change supplier mid-way through an agreement, or without serving the agreed notice period once outside of minimum term, you would be liable to pay a 'buyout' fee. A buyout fee would be generated based on the remaining cost of line rental to full contractual term and may also include set termination fees (see your own agreement for details on whatever these charges apply to you).