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What is the meaning of VoIP and how does it work?

Communication is key to success and if your phone system is not enough, why not switch to VoIP? VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. It allows you to make a call over an Internet connection instead of a phone system. It is compatible with your actual device (phone, tablet or laptop).

Employee making a phone call using a business VoIP provider

Fewer costs, more benefits.

Because VoIP works on your Internet connection, it cut out the costs of a phone line. Upgrade to a high-speed Internet connection instead and still get multiple lines. VoIP solutions have helped businesses reduce local call costs by up to 40% and up to 90% for international calls. Take efficiency to a whole new level. 

What VoIP features for business surpass traditional phone lines?

- Virtual numbers. A virtual number enables you to have a local number anywhere in the world. Your customers can reach you easily even if you are not based in the same country. Perfect for international calls.
- Call routing. This feature allows an incoming call to be transferred to multiple devices of your choice. If your desk phone rings where you are not in the office, the call will ring on your mobile, tablet, or other devices before going to voicemail.
- Better conference calls. You can use video conferencing to see your team and customers in person. You are also able to add an unlimited number of people on conference calls.

- Portable and versatile system. The IP address is built into the devices, meaning that you can use your VoIP phone wherever you have a broadband connection. Easy for home use when working remotely. You can even add VoiP systems to a traditional phone using an adapter.