A facilitation method that gets everyone thinking deeply and communicating effectively.

Unlock creativity and critical thinking in your workplace

What you can expect during the session

A qualified facilitator guides you through the whole process. Participants use LEGO® bricks to create models that express their ideas, thoughts and reflections... Everyone can play!
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The Challenge

The facilitator poses the building challenge to participants.


Participants build a LEGO model to represent their response to the challenge.


Participants share the meaning that they have assigned to their own models.

A Seven-Step Process

1. Introduction and identify goals for the day
2. Equip participants with the skills to use LEGO® to tell powerful stories 
3. Model the current 'problem' state 
4. Model the future or 'vision' state
5. Undertake GAP analysis to move from current state to future state
6. From GAP analysis move to action planning to achieve future state
7. Agree team working guidelines
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-  Develop a greater understanding of your working style
- Increase optimism and collaborative working
- Challenge your team to think and communicate more effectively
- Facilitate productive and successful discussions where everyone is heard
- Develop better solutions to shared problems
- Generate creative thinking

What LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ can achieve in organisations:

Strategy Development & Exploration

Innovation & Product Development

Organisation Development for Management Team & Employees

Change Management & Structural Change

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Your facilitator

David Gregory is the Head of Innovation at JTRS/Econocom. He spent 7 years at LEGO® Education. David is a part-time teacher and carries out UK workshops, events and talks. He is also a certified NLP Practicioner, LEGO® Education Certified Academy Trainer and is currently studying for a level 7ILM executive coaching qualification.

Contact us to arrange a day of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ facilitation with David.