Access the latest CAT mobile devices over 24 or 36 months with our unique flexible subscription service for enquiries of 5 units or more.

Discover BOS and get instant savings

BOS - Business Optimisation Services - is a mobile subscription with flexible options.

Instead of buying devices, enjoy a subscription service with a simple monthly payment. No more stress for your IT staff: our team takes care of delivering, repairing, collecting and recycling all your devices. 

From £8.50 per device per month*, build your own BOS subscription and choose the right options for your organisation.
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To meet your mobile changing needs, you can incrementally increase, return or refresh your mobile estate on a £1 per month per device basis. You also have the option to retain up to 5% of your devices at the end of your subscription.


Make your life easier with ready to use devices: collection of your old kit, device preparation (protective case, filter etc), BOS starter packs for a seamless deployment (unboxing, connecting cables, email settings, software configuration, training etc.)


Ensure optimisation of your business process with MDM management, helpdesk with pre-defined SLAs, network & Wi-Fi configuration etc.

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CAT® S31

From £8.50 per device (minimum 50)

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CAT® S41

From £11.90 per device (minimum 35)

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CAT® S52

From £12.10 per device (minimum 30)

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CAT® S61

From £26.40 per device (minimum 20)

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