JTRS and Econocom launch mini bos
The Complete 32 iPad Class Set Subscription Solution
18 January, 2018 by
JTRS and Econocom launch mini bos
JTRS Limited, Craig Rulton

JTRS and Econocom have announced the release of Mini BOS: a new version of the already popular BOS (Business Optimisation Services) subscription service for mobile devices. Developed in close partnership, Mini BOS is another welcome addition to Econocom’s range of end-to-end digital services and solutions.

Mini BOS has been created specifically with shared education environments (i.e. individual classrooms) in mind, and is designed to ensure pupils and teachers always have access to the latest Apple Education innovations. All of the Apple devices included as part of the plan are installed and set-up by JTRS' team of Apple Certified Engineers, which means both teachers and students can start using the devices without any issues, while the monthly installments make it much more financially viable for schools to enhance teaching and learning. All Mini BOS subscriptions are based on a 36-month contract.

Tim Morgan-Hoole, Managing Director at JTRS, says: “Mini BOS has come about because of the need to help schools stay on top of the latest technology and to help them transform their classrooms into dynamic and interactive learning environments. Thanks to a comprehensive, subscription-based package and tools including Apple School Manager, we’ve eliminated the technical barriers that many others suffer from when undergoing digital transformation. Instead, teachers and students can start using the devices right away without any problems, making for a much-improved overall classroom experience.”

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*price is ex VAT and per device per month, based on 32 iPad 32GB Wi-Fi, 36 month subscription. 

For £7.90 per device per month, every Mini BOS subscription consists of a standard package which includes a complete class set of 32 iPad devices with rugged cases, a charging station, delivery, Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme, Apple School Manager, on-site technical set-up for seamless enrolment and mobile device management. It also includes warranty that ensures any faulty devices can be exchanged for a working replacement.

There are also a number of ‘Boost’ options that can be added on to individual subscriptions and paid for on a cost per device per month basis, including ongoing teacher training, technical support, insurance and more. When the contract expires, Econocom collects, wipes and recycles all of the devices free of charge for total peace of mind.

Chris Labrey, Managing Director UK & IRL at Econocom, says: “Since launching BOS we have seen huge demand for organisations looking to future-proof their operations for the digital age, particularly within the education sector. It therefore seemed logical to create a more specific BOS offering that is tailored for schools, and that’s how Mini BOS has come to be. It’s an intuitive and affordable way to introduce the latest cutting-edge Apple technology into the classroom — something that, for many, might not have been possible through significant one-off payments.”

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JTRS and Econocom launch mini bos
JTRS Limited, Craig Rulton 18 January, 2018
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