CAT® S61 Smartphone

The tool to get any job done.

Your rugged 4G thermal phone could protect you from Covid-19.  With an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor, and laser-assisted distance measurement, you can take on anything.

Integrated thermal imaging camera

Whether it's used as a tool to monitor, to diagnose or to improve efficiency, the Cat S61 provides instant access to thermal imaging via the mobile in your pocket. Scan the situation for a different perspective and to locate a heat source up to 400ºC, even in complete darkness. The Cat S61 provides even more detail to help locate and diagnose the damp, draft, leak, short or blockage. Save time, share with colleagues or clients and evaluate the results instantly. Diagnose the problem and show the visual proof for instant job quotes on site, all from the FLIR app on the Cat S61.  

Easy to use mass screening device

The integrated FLIR® thermal imaging camera on the Cat S61 is designed to detect heat differentials at distance.
Identify people with a high temperature in crowds, on buses, reception desks, hotels. etc.

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1. Open the MYFLIR App

Mount phone into monitoring location / tripod that will allow people to pass by at a maximum of 1.5m away facing the camera as straight on as possible. 

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2. Tap to calibrate icon

Tap the temperature gradient icon (fourth icon from top left) so the visible temperature bar appears to the right of the screen.

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2. Tap the top temperature

Enter 34°C or 93°F and tap the tick icon to confirm. Tap the lower temperature at the bottom of the chart to edit and lock it. Enter 32°C or 89°F and tap the tick icon to confirm.

Hygiene first: easy clean and tough phone

Your Cat® S61 is built to be cleaned easily for those who must keep on working. Your phone can be cleaned repeatedly with soaps, sanitisers, chemicals, bleach and alcohol.
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Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Capable of measuring Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), the Cat S61's indoor air quality sensor will monitor the environment it's in. The Air app will prompt you to open a window or grab some fresh air if an unhealthy level of VOCs has been detected. Common sources of VOC’s include paints, solvents, carpets, furniture, cleaning products and even humans.

It can also be used to provide temperature and humidity readings, useful for example, for rooms without an extractor fan and where opening a window alone doesn't always completely remove all the moisture, or to indicate when a freshly plastered wall is dry and ready to paint.  

Laser-Assisted Distance Measure

Brilliant for on the job estimates of the materials required. It will save you time by performing multiple jobs from just one image stored on the phone; measuring the length and height, working out the area and then keeping the details safely documented alongside a record of the layout of the area, all on one screen. Materials needed for painting, flooring, tiling or whatever task is being undertaken can all be estimated quickly with the Measure app on the Cat S61.  
By recording  the area layout it can also help to visualise what the item will look like in that area before the work even starts.

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Benefits of a Smartphone Solution

Your Cat® S61 is a military spec 'rugged' device. Designed and built to be extremely tough and robust, making it suitable for use in any environment, indoors or outdoors. As a smartphone, thermal imagery or other data collected can be shared, streamed or screen-mirrored via WiFI or cellular data connections.
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CAT® S31


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CAT® S52

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CAT® S41

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