BE Internet legends
a fantastic resource from Google for teaching online safety
13 April, 2018 by
BE Internet legends
JTRS Limited, Craig Rulton

Teaching pupils about staying safe online is a key priority in every school. Children need to be able to navigate the ever-growing online world in a safe and responsible manner and have the knowledge needed to make smart decisions. Be Internet Legends is a free programme from Google, which empowers Primary School children to use the web safely and wisely, so they can be confident explorers of the online world.

Be Internet Legends was designed with support from leading experts in internet safety, including Parent Zone, Internet Matters and CEOP. The programme is also fully accredited by the PSHE Association. 

The programme is built on a fundamental code:

Be Internet Sharp: Good (and bad) news travels fast online, and children can sometimes find themselves in tricky situations with lasting consequences. But what can they do to prevent this? The answer: understand how to share smartly with those they know – and those they don’t.

Be Internet Alert: People and situations online aren’t always what they seem. Internet Legends know how to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

Be Internet Secure: Personal privacy and security are as important online as they are in the real world. Keeping valuable information safe helps children avoid damaging their devices, reputations and relationships.

Be Internet Kind: The internet amplifies everything: good things seem more exciting, bad things seem much worse and can hurt – a lot. A great rule to live by online, as well as off, is ‘treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’. Children can have a positive impact on others and stop bullying in its tracks by refusing to join in.

Be Internet Brave: When children come across something they're not sure about online, they should feel comfortable talking to a trusted adult. Adults can support this by showing they're open to talking, even about difficult or embarrassing things at home and in the classroom.

For Teachers

Teachers can download a range of resources for free, including a Scheme of Work complete with Lesson Plans, posters, badges, certificates and also a very neat papercraft activity, where pupils can create their own Internaut; one of the characters from the Be Internet Legends programme. 

Teachers can also access the Google for Education Digital Citizenship and Safety module; an online training course in the Google Edu Training Centre which is available Worldwide.

FOR Families

There is also a fantastic resource for parents to use at home with their children in the form of the Be Internet Legends pledge.


One of my favourite aspects of Be Internet Legends is the game-based learning platform, Interland. Interland provides children with an incredibly engaging environment in which to develop and apply their knowledge of safely navigating the online world. Children embark on a series of missions aligned to the Be Internet Legends Code, where they learn the key lessons of internet safety through four fun, challenging games.

In one particular mission, pupils must tackle Cyber Bullies by spreading positive Vibes (Likes) to the Internauts, whilst blocking the Cyber Bullies to prevent them from spreading their negativity. 

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The Be Internet Legends programme is a fantastic resource for Primary Schools to teach the crucial skills children need to be confident and safe explorers of the online world. 

You can learn more about Be Internet Legends and download the free resources by visiting the dedicated website.

Discover Be Internet Legends
BE Internet legends
JTRS Limited, Craig Rulton 13 April, 2018
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